Carol James
Client Success Stories

These are the stories of people who have experienced the transformational power of Carol's innovative approach.

How a woman moved beyond a stuck place . . .

"The times that I have been stuck and can't seem to 'get it,' Carol has always helped me see things – my situation – from a broader, more enlightened view. She always helps me grasp a greater understanding of how I am creating my circumstances and how to change my perspective to change my undesirable feelings. Every time she has helped me to pivot out of stress, my response is always, 'Oohhh!!! You're so good, Carol.' And I sincerely mean that because she never fails to help me feel better. Carol has a deep caring for others and strives to make all who come in contact with her feel at ease, including me. I highly recommend her work. She is one together awesome Lady!" -- Mary Catherine S., Prescott AZ

How a woman got rid of her depression . . .

"The most important thing Carol has done for me is offer support and a way to think differently about my reactions to situations. As a result my depression is gone. I feel 'safe' talking to her because she’s not judgmental, which is something very valuable." -- Irene Dwyer, Administrative Assistant, Austin TX

How an engineer transformed her undesirable emotion . . .

"The concepts you present . . . are solid tools that anyone can use to be a more efficient communicator. I have found myself 'pivoting to a more positive' position several times as I become overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by changes. It is incredibly powerful. The scary part is making yourself accountable for your condition. The reward part is being able to realize your potential without blaming others for your lack of success." -- Linda Curry, Engineer & Toastmasters President

How a counselor learned how to take a more holistic approach to her life . . .

"Inspired Living education has engaged me in self-awareness experiences that have started me on a journey of personal and professional growth that is evolving into a holistic philosophy toward life." -- Donna Lyons, M.Ed., Counselor, Flagstaff AZ

How a woman turned a sense of unworthiness into self-confidence . . .

"I have listened to and studied with many teachers in my day who have attempted to demystify life, but Carol offers the most accurate, clearest and easiest information that I have ever heard. I knew that energy followed thought, but I didn’t know what that meant in relation to my life. All I knew was that I wanted to change. I wanted to break my old habits of negative thinking. I wanted to think thoughts and to attract circumstances in my life that felt good, instead of continually repeating the same old crap.

"In the course of a 3-day private, one-on-one intensive, she patiently listened to my story, helping me to become aware of who I was being and what I was projecting. The minute she told me that my core issue was 'my belief of unworthiness,' I immediately knew that she had hit the nail on the head. Flashbacks instantly surfaced, reminding me of all the things that were said to me my whole life, 'You’re stupid. You will never amount to anything. Can’t you do anything right? You don’t know anything and never will.' The harder I tried to prove that I wasn’t all those things, the worse things got. Carol also helped me to see how my negative thinking reinforced my struggles by continually drawing people into my life who, because of their own fears, were incapable of seeing me as valuable.

"More importantly, she gave me the tools I needed to stop this habitual behavior and to transform the circumstances of life. As I gave Carol examples of things going on right now in my life, she, in turn, gave me the 'how' to transform them. For example, she taught me how to:

  • Choose what I really want and how to break the old pattern of doing things because they are expected of me.
  • Stop feeling anger when people are doing things that I don’t want them to do.
  • Know that my worth as a human being is not dependent on what others think or say about me.
  • Stop living from a self-protective mode and how to finally feel my emotions.
  • Come from a loving center when dealing with relationship conflicts.
  • Repattern my negative thought patterns to see the value in my experiences and to neutralize the fears that paralyzed my actions.

"For the first time in my life I felt that someone was listening to what I had to say and completely understood me. Armed with my new tool box of understandings, I have been able to immediately apply this information to my everyday life. Carol offers a powerful and inventive teaching style that really works, and as a result of my experience with her, my life will never be the same. -- Kathleen Herting, Nurse, Pittsburg CA

How an entrepreneur stopped being a victim of circumstances and finally learned how to live the life of his dreams . . .

"How do I thank the person who has opened up a whole new World of possibilities for me, a World where I get to create what I choose and to live my dreams instead of being a victim of circumstances? How do I thank the person who woke me up from a deep sleep? How do I describe what Carol has done for me without it sounding fantastic? I mean, how do you describe being born anew?

"Carol helped me get the hang of life. She showed me how to literally create the life I want. She helped me learn to fall in love with all of life and I know of no grander experience. As a direct result of my private sessions with Carol, I have become more than I could ever have imagined before meeting her.

"It’s not that everything in my life magically transformed overnight, but my perceptions have shifted so much as a result of my work with Carol that continual happiness is now my natural state of being. I am finding that the things that I am wanting are coming my way more naturally. Relationships are much easier because I have learned to stop struggling against things I don’t want.

"Every time I have a session with her I experience a tremendous release of my own potential, which was always there but lying dormant. It’s like an atomic explosion of energy as old patterns of thought disintegrate and new, more desirable patterns emerge in their place. As a result of my private sessions with Carol, I have learned to:

  • Let go of fear-based perspectives by transforming them into love-based perspectives, which causes experiences to cease being "bad" in my mind, and which causes the "crisis" to go away rather quickly and without all the drama.
  • Not be affected by undesirable circumstances, because I have learned to alter my perception so that I see the gift each experience has brought me.
  • Get into and stay in the flow by living in the moment and focusing on those things that I am wanting and that feel good, rather than struggling against life.

"I have gained a profound understanding of my life and exactly what I’m doing to create the life I have. It’s like learning to catch the wave of life and to ride it like a surfer rather than being buried or overwhelmed by it. I now have the confidence to joyfully navigate the waters of life without getting sea sick, even when the occasional storms arise." -- Ken Herbert, Entrepreneur, Hillsboro OR

How a left-brain guy integrated his mind and emotion . . .

"I was supposed to meet Carol. I was on a journey of self-exploration through northern Arizona when I overheard her conversation with a shopkeeper and was intrigued. We began talking and continued for the next three days. Carol striving for clarification, I provided contrast, together, ideas evolved. A marvelous beginning of a wonderful friendship.

"Carol knew how to bring my mind and my heart together as one. During a meditative experience I felt her coax my long dominant mind to acknowledge my emotions; every word perfect, every feeling amazing . . . the dam burst. I'd never before felt the distinct separation of mind and emotion then their incredibly powerful joining. Carol's gift is perceiving what is required to bring an individual to and through this point of awareness.

"Carol's tremendous interpretive skills have grown a hundred-fold since we met. She can sense where one 'is' and use that to guide one to a better 'place'; to help one gain a different perspective on a situation . . . on life; to help one understand how things work. Carol shifts my perception by sensing core issues and re-presenting them so simply that the answers are truly obvious . . . understanding inevitable.

"When we met, Carol was working toward living in joy: life's work is life's love. She has evolved. Her joy is helping others understand. Carol knows how to live in joy: excelling at and thriving on patiently and perceptively teaching others to develop those abilities." -- Mark Hansen, Engineer, Royal Oak MI

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